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        CCNA Notes
OSI Model
DOD Model (TCP/IP)
Supported RFCs
Subnet Masking
LAN Protocols
LAN Segmentation
Ethernet Frames
Ethernet Networking
3 Layer Model
Layer 2 Protocols
Novell IPX

User Interface/Setup
IOS Help and Editing
Setting Passwords
Recover Passwords
Router Interfaces
Routing Protocols
RIP / IGRP Routing
Config Register
IOS/Config Backups
Telnet / Trace / Ping
Configuring IPX
Access Lists
Access List Cmds
Router Images

Layer 2 Switching
LAN Switching
Switch Configuring
Virtual LANs
Configuring VLANs
Switch Images
External Logging

Since October 3, 2001

CCNA 2.0 Test Specifics:
  .   New cost is $125 pass or fail. (Oct. 31, 2001)
.   Passing score is 849/1000.
.   Number of questions is 65.
.   Questions are a composite of multiple choice, True/False, Fill in the blank, and Drag 'n Drop.
.   Form based with no review of the questions.
.   Time limit is 75 minutes.
.   Visit the Cisco web site for the latest info.
.   You can register at

The skill set you should possess before taking the test is:
    Install, configure, and operate a simple LAN, WAN, and switched LAN.
  Be able to configure IP, IPX, IGRP, RIP, Serial / Ethernet Interfaces, VLANs, and Access Lists.
  Install and configure a Network using TCP/IP and IPX/SPX routed protocols.
  Provide remote access by integrating dial-up connectivity with traditional and remote LAN-to-LAN access.
  Thorough understanding of the OSI model.
  WAN protocols such as ISDN, PPP, HDLC, and Frame Relay.
  Subnet masking of IP networks.

Here are the CISCO Objectives

Study Guide
Word 2000 - [529K]
Rich text - [442K]

WAN Protocols
Wide Area Networks
Frame Relay
T1 Connection

Config Register Tool -Win 95

Lan Flow -Win 95 (Network Layouts)

nmap 2.53 -Linux (Port Scanner)

TFTP Server -Win 95 (Router Backups)

GUI Telnet -Win 95

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Printing the Pages
Books I used
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