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OSI Model
DOD Model
Subnet Masking
Ethernet Frames
Cisco 3 Layer Model
Ethernet Cabling
Layer 2 Protocols
Novell IPX
User Interface + Setup
IOS Help and Editing
Setting Passwords
Recover Passwords
Router Interfaces
Routing Protocols
RIP and IGRP Routing
Configuration Register
IOS/Config Backups
Telnet / Trace / Ping
Configuring IPX
Access Lists
Access List Cmds
Router Images
Layer 2 Switching
Switch Images
     This site will focus on the Cisco Certified Network Associate 2.0 test. All the pages on this site are of my own creation, taken from the many books I read while studying for the test. After I pass the CCNA test the site will move towards CCNP.
First a little about the CCNA test:
The skill set you should possess before taking the test is:
  • Install, configure, an operate a simple LAN, WAN, and switched LAN.
  • Be able to cofigure IP, IGRP, IPX, Serial Interfaces, Frame Relay, IP RIP, VLANs, Ethernet, Appletalk, and Access Lists.
  • Install and configure a Network.
  • Provide remote access by intergrating dial-up connectitvity with traditional and remote LAN-to-LAN access.
  • Thorough understanding of the OSI model.

  • Here are the CISCO Objectives

  Lan Flow  -Trial Version - (Network Diagramming)
  nmap 2.53  -Linux (TCP/IP Port Scanner)
  TFTP Server  -95/NT (For Router Backups)
  GUI Telnet  -Windows 95/98/NT
  WAN Protocols
  Wide Area Networks
  Point to Point Protocol
  Frame Relay
  High Level Data Link Control
  Integrated Services Digital Network
  Link Access Procedure Balanced
  T1 Connection
Page Updated: April 6, 2001
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