Password Suggestor 0.3

Any string entered into the Enter Text: prompt will output the same result every time Get Password is pressed (i.e. submissions of the same input will have the same output).  Note that copying the password output to the system's clipboard isn't allowed for security reasons (Java's, not mine), but it is allowed within the applet (you can copy the output and use it for the input to get a further scrambled password).  Also note that encryption or hashing isn't used in this version of Password Suggestor, only simple character substitition.

The combo box for repeat substitutions will generate a password using the user input and then will repeat the process of generating a password based on the previously generated password for the number of times the user selects.  The default number of times for it to repeat is zero (only creates the suggested password, doesn't do any further substitutions).  Selecting the truncate passwords checkbox will result in a suggested password being truncated to eight characters.   This feature addresses the problem associated with having a password truncated by another program when it is entered (e.g. the Unix/Linux passwd program).  Spaces in user input are replaced with an underscore.