SOAR Version 1.0

This page shows screenshots for the Student Online Administration and Registration (SOAR) system. These screenshots are from a test system that is using test data, additionally, the URL from the screenshots is located on a LAN that is not accessible via the Internet.

Administrator Images Student Images
Screenshot Description Screenshot Description

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This is the main page for all administrator functions. All registration functions available to an administrator will originate from this page. Only administrators that successfully log in can view this page. Also note that security (SSL) is enabled for the site.

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This is the main page for students. They will be able change their profile, view schedules, register for classes, and view the profiles for individual courses.

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This page shows how an administrator creates a schedule for a quarter. All the classes are displayed and the administrator chooses individual classes to add to the schedule. Before this page is reached, the specific schedule is chosen from either the schedule grid (shown below) or by selecting the specifics for the quarter (quarter, year, class level) in a previous form.

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This is a sample registration for a student. The student selects the quarter to register for and is then presented with this page. The courses are chosen by selecting the check box beside its row. Once all desired courses are chosen, the register button is used to register the student for the quarter.

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After the schedule's classes are chosen, the quarter specifics are entered into another form and submitted to a database to update the quarter's schedule.

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This page shows the student's registration for the spring 2002 quarter. They have registered for two course for this quarter, but can add or drop courses at any time by using the appropriate link on this page or the main page.

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This page shows a grid of information about all the schedules for each quarter for eight years for both undergraduate and graduate class levels. It shows whether a schedule exists, allows the option to view the registrations or create a schedule for the quarter, and allows schedules to be deleted (with confirmation).


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This page is the result of choosing the option to view the registrations for a quarter. This information is accessed from the schedule grid or can be selected by choosing the specifics for the quarter (quarter, year, class level) in a previous form.


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